Bagno di Romagna

This municipality is located in the upper Savio valley, on the border with Tuscany. Bagno di Romagna is a famous spa destination. Culinary-wise, it has a lot to offer; everything is strictly tied to the ancient traditions of the Tuscan-Romagna Apennine tradition.

Particularly worth trying are the “tortelli alla lastra”, the sweet focaccia typical to Bagno and Raveggiolo cheese.
The districts – in particular Acquapartita – are well known destinations for their excellent mushrooms and chestnuts.


The ancient medieval hamlet of Bertinoro is considered “the balcony of Romagna”. The centre of the medieval hamlet is perfectly preserved. The name of the place recalls the excellence of its namesake wines, Berti-in-oro, which is to say, worthy of being drunk in precious golden goblets.

Bertinoro is the capital of Romagnolo wine. In fact, there are plenty of wineries scattered among the hills of the village that specialize in the Albana (white, golden-coloured wine) and in Sangiovese (ruby-red wine).

Sogliano sul Rubicone

The village of Sogliano sul Rubicone rises on the hills halfway between Rimini and Cesena. The hamlet is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

Sogliano is famous primarily for the production of a typical aged cheese called Formaggio di Fossa which obtained the DOP (Denomination of Protected Origin) in 2009. Throughout the municipal territory there are lots of pits dug in the limestone which have been used by the locals since the XV century for the preservation and aging of this cheese.


The hamlet of Montetiffi – a district in the Municipality of Sogliano – is an ancient medieval village.

It is especially well known for the production of typical clay casseroles used for cooking piadina, a local type of flatbread which is a veritable symbol of Romagna.

San Leo

San Leo rises on a domineering mass overlooking the Marecchia valley.

A strategic location since medieval times, Saint Francis and Dante Alighieri both passed through here and the alchemist Cagliostro was incarcerated in the castle here.