Cesenatico 0,0
From Piazzale della Rocca pass under railway bridge, towards Cesena (V. Cesenatico).
Cesena 15,0
Pass railway bridge, turn RH at traff.lights onto SS9 V. Emilia road. Cycle along this road over bridge of Savio river (following direct. for Forlì) and cont. towards Forlimpopoli.
Forlimpopoli 24,0
Leave V. Emilia road and enter town. Turn LF towards Bertinoro, where climb starts.
Bertinoro 29,0
Enter town and cont. towards Cesena and Settecrociari. Turn RH after roughly 2 km towards Polenta. Hard climb with pulls of up to 15%.
1st hill - Polenta 35,0
Cycle down towards Fratta Terme. Attention, be careful at end, gradients of 14% and tight bends. From Fratta Terme cont. towards Meldola, turn LF before access bridge to town (km 45) towards Borello. After 10 km of windy roads climbs starts again, around easy winding roads at beginning and then along harsher stretches, then downhill and very hard last km.
Attention! Road surface rough in sections.
2nd hill - Pieve di Rivoschio 64,0
Turn LF at crossroads, fast downhill with tight bends at end. Cycle through S. Romano where you will meet provincial road leading from Borello, turn RH, after 1 km, before Linaro (km 70), turn LF towards Mercato Saraceno. Ciola climb begins, harsh but regular.
3rd hill - Ciola 77,0
The road gets flat towards top of climb and then runs downhill for 2 km, then harsh pull of 300 m and finally down towards Mercato Saraceno.
Mercato Saraceno 85,0
Cycle down towards town centre, cross square. Climb towards Barbotto starts straight after bridge. Hard last km, with gradients of around 18%.
4th hill - Barbotto 91,0
Turn LF at top of climb towards Sogliano. Climb of 1 km (10%) after Montegelli (km 98).
Sogliano 105,0
Turn RH towards Ponte Uso, at end of downhill run (km 109), turn RH towards Montetiffi.
5th hill - Montetiffi 115,0
A very hard ramp that never seems to end right to top. Downhill for a few km’s, then continuous pulls through to Perticara.
6th hill - Perticara 126,0
Ride through town and leave it, turn LF at junction towards Novafeltria. After 5 km of fast downhill stretch, turn RH towards Sartiano then towards Novafeltria. Cycle onto SS258 Marecchiese road before Ponte Baffoni (km 135). Turn RH and after bridge, turn LF where long Maiolo climb begins. First km’s are hard with gradients of up to 17%.
7th hill - Pugliano 144,0
Turn LF at top of hill towards S. Leo, that is reached with a great downhill stretch (km 148). Leave town and turn LF straight afterwards towards Novafeltria. You will get back on Marecchiese road at bottom on LF. Slightly afterwards, turn LF towards where climb of Siepi Pass begins (direct. for Sogliano).
8th hill - Siepi Pass 158,0
The climb of the pass is not difficult, cycle downhill towards Ponte Uso (km 164). Turn LF after roughly 8 km towards Gorolo. A first section with strenuous gradient of 13% then a deceivingly flat section and last really steep stretch (17%).
9th hill - Gorolo 176,5
Turn RH at top of climb towards Sogliano. Then direct. for Borghi (km 184) and Savignano (km 192). From here, road is flat through to Cesenatico.
Cesenatico 205,0

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