Cesenatico 0,0
From “Starting point for tour cyclists G.C. Fausto Coppi” in V. Canale Bonificazione, head towards Sala. Turn RH at crossroads of V. Fossa. At roundabout, follow direct. for Sala - Gatteo.
Sala 6,0
At church, turn LF towards Savignano, straight on at next two roundabouts. Cycle through S. Angelo e Gatteo (direct. for Savignano).
Savignano 13,0
At roundabout, cross V. Emilia road. Turn LF at next roundabout, cont. through town for 1 km approx., turn RH towards Canonica (V. della Pace).
Canonica 18,5
Turn RH at end of road. Turn LF at next roundabout.
At roundabout, cont. towards Poggio Berni. Straight on at next roundabout towards Verucchio.
Ponte Verucchio 29,0
After bridge over Marecchia, turn RH. After 1 km you will reach SP258 road (Marecchiese).
S. Leo junction 35,0
Leave SP258 road and turn LF. 4 km of deceiving flat stretch then climb.
S. Leo 44,5
At end of climb cont. towards Pugliano. A flat stretch, then a climb.
Madonna di P. junction 48,5
Turn RH at crossroads (direct. for Novafeltria), downhill with gradients of 12, 13 and finally 17%. After Maiolo, turn RH towards Novafeltria.
Novafeltria 61,0
Climb to Novafeltria. Cycle through town to Marecchiese (direct. for Rimini). Downhill to Ponte Verucchio.
Ponte Verucchio 78,0
Turn LF and leave Marecchiese road, cont. towards Santarcangelo.
Santarcangelo 89,0
When you reach V. Emilia road, turn LF towards Savignano. At roundabout, turn RH towards Bellaria (km 91). At Villa Torlonia (km 95,5) turn LF, after 100 m at roundabout, turn RH towards Bellaria. Turn LF here towards Cesenatico on old Adriatic state road (direct. for Ravenna). Cycle through S. Mauro Mare, Gatteo a mare.
Cesenatico 108,0

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