Cesenatico 0,0
From “Starting point for tour cyclists G.C. Fausto Coppi” in V. Canale Bonificazione, head towards Sala. Turn RH at crossroads of V. Fossa. At roundabout, follow direct. for Sala - Gatteo.
Sala 6,0
At church, turn LF towards Savignano and straight on at next two roundabouts. Cycle through S. Angelo and Gatteo, following direct. for Savignano.
Savignano 13,0
At roundabout, cross V. Emilia. Turn LF at next roundabout, cont. through town for 1 km approx., then turn RH towards Canonica (V. della Pace).
Canonica 18,5
Turn RH at end of road. Turn LF at next roundabout.
At roundabout, cont. towards Poggio Berni. Turn RH at next roundabout towards Borghi (SP13). When you reach Lo Stradone follow direct. for Ponte Uso.
Ponte Uso 34,0
Cont. to follow direct. for Montetiffi. Cross over a bridge, turn RH towards town.
Montetiffi 40,0
A very steep ramp (12%) leads to town of Montetiffi.
Here you can climb on your bike up to church. At this point, turn around and cycle back towards Ponte Uso.
Ponte Uso 46,0
Turn LF in town centre towards Pietra dell’Uso. Climb starts, followed by easy up and downhill stretches along ridge. Turn RH at crossroads of SP11 road.
Sogliano 50,5
Ride through town and down towards Borghi.
A great descent but not constant.
Borghi 57,5
Ride through town and cont. towards Savignano.
Savignano 66,0
At roundabout, cross V. Emilia road and cont.
towards Cesenatico, touching Gatteo, S. Angelo and Sala.
Cesenatico 79,0

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