Cesenatico 0,0
From Piazzale della Rocca cycle under railway bridge towards Cesena (V. Cesenatico). Cycle through Borella, Villalta, Bagnarola, Macerone and Ponte Pietra.
Cesena 14,0
After railway bridge, turn RH at roundabout (V. Marzolino), turn RH at traff.lights into V. Marconi. After 500 m turn LF into V. Costa. At traff.lights of Porta Santi turn LF into V. Vicinio da Sarsina (keep on RH), RH to end and cont. into V. Pacchioni. At Pertini roundabout, turn RH towards tunnel. At bottom
of downhill stretch turn LF towards Ponte Vecchio (km 17,5), At roundabout, RH before bridge, turn LF into V. Roversano and follow up and downhill stretches and direct. through to S. Carlo.
S. Carlo 25,0
Turn LF in front of church onto old SS71 road (now SP138), and cont. towards Borello.
Borello 30,0
After Piazza Indipendenza turn RH towards Piavola - Linaro (Ranchio) on comfortable up and downhill stretches.
Cycle through Piavola (km 35).
Linaro 39,0
Before you reach ramp that leads to town, turn LF towards Ciola.
Ciola 46,0
When you see town, the road stretches out, then leads downhill for a few km. A harsh pull of approx. 300 m is followed by a fast downhill stretch onto Mercato Saraceno.
Mercato Saraceno 55,0
Turn LF onto old state road SS71 (direct. for Cesena) through to S. Carlo, touching Ponte Giorgi (km 62), Gualdo (km 64) and Borello (km 68).
S. Carlo 73,0
Turn RH in front of church into V. Castiglione, that leads to Cesena at side of Ponte Vecchio.
Cesena 80,5
Cycle back through town on same road through to Cesenatico.
Cesenatico 98,0

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