Cesenatico 0,0
From “Starting point for tour cyclists G.C. Fausto Coppi” in V. Canale Bonificazione, head towards Sala. Turn RH at crossroads of V. Fossa. At roundabout, follow direct. for Sala - Gatteo.
Sala 6,0
At church, turn LF towards Savignano, straight on at next two roundabouts. Cycle through S. Angelo and Gatteo, following direct. for Savignano.
Savignano 13,0
Turn RH at roundabout (SS9 V. Emilia). After 2 km you will see little church of S.Giovanni on RH, cont. for 200 m, then turn LF onto easy climb (direct. for La Crocetta - Longiano, V. Crocetta). Turn LF at top of climb.
Longiano 19,5
Once you enter the town, cycle to LF, cont. for 500 m, then turn RH towards Roncofreddo. Easy up and downhill roads with great views.
Roncofreddo 25,0
A hard ramp through to town, cross it and cont. and turn LF towards S. Paola.
Santa Paola 27,0
Turn RH as soon as you leave town towards Montiano.
Up and downhill through to little road for Montiano (km 33). Turn RH, slightly downhill.
Montiano 35,0
Ride through town. Fast downhill stretch, then long straight road through to V. Emilia.
Case Missiroli 39,0
Turn RH onto V. Emilia then turn LF straight afterwards towards Ruffio. Just before you reach Ruffio, turn RH towards Sala.
Sala 49,0
Coast church and cont. through to Cesenatico.

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