From Piazzale della Rocca ride under railway bridge, towards Cesena (V. Cesenatico). Ride through Borella.
Before you reach the town, turn RH at roundabout towards Pisignano. Cycle through Montaletto (km 5,5), turn RH into V. Montaletto (towards Pioppa). After 500 m, turn LF into V. Capannaguzzo (cardine).
Cont. and turn RH into V. Medri (decumano) towards Gattolino.
Cont. along V. Medri, when you see motorway, turn LF
into V. Calabria and into small underpass of A14 motorway. Cont. for another 1,5 km, turn RH into V. Cerchia di S. Egidio (decumano).
Cesena - S. Egidio
After last section of cycle path, cycle across V. Cervese, cont. onto V. Cerchia di S. Egidio. After 700 m, turn RH into V. Boscone (cardine). Cycle RH down to end of this road, turn LF and enter Borgo Ronta, turn RH towards pedestrian and cyclist subway. Cycle through Ronta.
S. Martino in Fiume
Cycle through village, at crossroads of V. Rovescio (decumano), turn RH towards Bagnile. Cycle through village. Turn RH at crossroads of V. S. Giorgio (cardine).
S. Giorgio
Turn LF into V. Montaletto (most important decumano)
Cycle across V. Cervese and cont. along V. Montaletto in pedestrian and cyclist subway, through to crossroads of V. del Confine. Turn RH here towards Villalta,
turn LF towards Cesenatico.

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