GiroHotels offers an excursion for lovers of mountain biking. The transfer will be made with Van fitted to the Balze resort, part of the municipality of Verghereto (FC).
It is a lovely resort, surrounded by nature, on the slopes of Mounte Fumaiolo (1408 m) the highest mountain of the Apennines of Cesena where flow the springs of the river Tevere. Verghereto lies on the border between Romagna, Umbria, Tuscany and Marche.

From the crags, through dirt roads, trails and paved roads, heading towards the Refuge Moia (altitude 1260m) and follow the signs marked with white and red paint (the 6th km there is a public fountain) and into the woods.
50 m after the Refuge Moia, take the 2nd path on the right.
Head towards the sources of the Tevere (altitude 1,250 m), tackling tough technical descents with caution .
Found the asphalt after the sources of the Tevere, pay attention to the trail that goes off to the left, after about 700 m of descent.
From 2nd to 3rd intersection in the direction S. Alberico proceed on foot.
In Sant ' Alberico, climb to the top and back down to the crags.

1) When you reach the small square of Faggio Scritto, instead of going up to the Refuge Biancaneve, you can turn right. In this way we arrive immediately at Passo del Monte Fumaiolo, from where you can go back to Balze along the asphalt . This variant can also be followed after being let down by the Refuge Biancaneve .
2) From Eremo of Sant'Alberico, you can regain the starting point before turning left and then, having reached the tarmac, right.
3) From the top (at km 21.4), you can go to crags along the trail to the trail to the right characteristics distinctly techniques.


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