GiroHotels offers hiking Romagnolo Apennines .
Transfer by van equipped to the village of San Piero in Bagno, hamlet of Bagno di Romagna.
The Apennine area of Bagno di Romagna is an oasis surrounded by nature, with a specific vocation spa.

From Piazza Allende of San Piero in Bagno, take Via Verdi and constantly follow the signs for Rio Salt . The start down a steep slope of about 6 km.
Follow the signs to Pietrapazza, facing rough trails and greatly challenging.
After Pietrapazza, go up to 4.5 km, turning into a small path to the left before you get to the top of Nocicchio Pass (altitude 1030 m).
Get off at San Piero in Bagno, through Bagno di Romagna.

1) At the crossroads to Ca' Veroli (at km 13.8), you can turn left onto a path that leads up to the bridge (at km 20.4).
2) When you reach the bridge you can lengthen the route passing by Casanova Alpe, reachable by dirt road (Trappisa and Strabatenza), is a direct path to that part over the old bridge. From Casanova to follow the dirt road until you Paretaio and from here the path to Pietrapazza (at km 24.9).
3) Instead of taking the left path in the vicinity of Mount Nocicchio, you can proceed to Step Nocicchio and reach the paved state road that goes down to Bagno di Romagna.

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