For those who are housed in facilities Boschetto, Centro and Ponente you may want to head out in the direction Saffi Valverde and turn right at the underpass.
Go straight, then turn right into via Canale Bonificazione, head room.
At the intersection, turn right on Via Fossa . At the roundabout follow the signs to Sala - Gatteo.

For those who are housed in facilities Villamarina Valverde and you may want to head to the Via delle Nazioni, continue straight in the direction opposite to the sea, at the roundabout take the 2nd exit and take Via Del Rio, keep right and follow Via Pisciatello .
At the end of Pisciatello via the roundabout take the 3rd exit and follow the signs to Sala - Gatteo.


We enter the town of Sala, the church, turn left Savignano , at next two roundabouts continue straight through the village of Sant'Angelo and Gatteo, keep Savignano.
After the second overpass at the roundabout go straight on taking the 2nd exit. After 1km beyond the stage, turn right to Roncofreddo - Felloniche.
Continue along the valley of the Rubicone.
(Fondovalle full of ups and downs, some quite challenging. Immersed in the countryside of Emilia Romagna)

At the end of the valley at the junction turn left towards Sogliano.
After the bridge begins the hardest climb of the route: The Ciocca.
Ascent 3-km long with an average gradient of 7% and 18 hairpin bends.


From head to Sogliano Avale.
At the crossroads to Avale (at 1.8 km), turn right.
Continue straight along the dirt road for Avale (also referred to as Valle) .
Head towards Ginestreto.
Once in Ginestreto, down to Ponte Uso.
Follow the signs for the church of S. Paul, continue uphill to the ridge .
At the crossroads to Sogliano (at km 22.2), head to the right and from there reach the point of departure.
1) Coming down from Avale, the SP 13 (7th km), you can turn left for quick cash Ponte Uso.
2) Using Bridge, you can choose to go back to Sogliano along the road instead of dirt route Case Scambi: this variant is useful in case of mud.

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