Head towards the port channel by Leonardo da Vinci in the historic center of Cesenatico and onto the bike path via Saffi in a northerly direction.
After crossing the bridge over the canal harbor continue straight on Via Mazzini (western district).
After 1 km turn right into via Magellan, straight ahead , past the Atlantica water park , at the junction turn left and take Via C. Colombo.
At the end of the street turn right. At the end of the paved road on the sand, turn left and take the bridge over the canal to Cut, past the bridge, turn left into the pine forest.
Take the pine forest along the path to the center until you reach the promenade of Cervia (via Deledda).
Take the bike path to the harbor , up the harbor to the bridge and then turn right.
At the V turn left onto the bike path that leads down to the gutter of Milano Marittima. At the end of the bike path begins a path, climb the pine forest of Milano Marittima along a ditch. After a right turn forced straight up next to the ditch , another right turn and forced straight up to a wooden bridge and a playground.
After crossing the park and the way you get into a wide path through the pine forest next. Having reached the end of the stretch of pine forest is around a roundabout and take the paved road in front of the pine wood -
After about 400 m you leave the road and take a dirt road up to rival the embankment of the river Savio. Turn right and you will reach the bridge, cross the bridge, turn left along a street lined with quaint fishing shacks. At the end of the road turn right and then straight onto a dirt road for 1 km. It crosses a stretch of paved road, cross it and go straight up to a junction, turn left here . After a short distance turn right and you will reach a bridge, turn left passed thus gaining the opposite bank of the river Savio. After a stretch of dirt road begins the pine forest. Keep going straight until you reach another wooden bridge, over the bridge , turn right and after a few meters starts a dirt road, go straight to the mouth of the river Bevano .
For the return we recommend that you perform the same path in reverse.

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