• Wake up call

    During the summer season there is always an early morning wake up call, to avoid pedalling in the hottest hours of the day. On the other hand, in springtime or in the beginning or end of summer, I wake up a little more leisurely.

  • Hearty breakfast

    To take on the continuous uphill/downhill of the Romagna hillsides, I start out with a good breakfast. Pie, pastries or classic bread with jam. Sometimes yoghurt with cereal or dried fruit. If it’s going to be a hard ride I always get plenty of vitamins and minerals with fresh fruit. Even though I get up from the table feeling full it’s a good idea to take something with me to nibble on during the ride; you should always have plenty of sugar and carbohydrates at hand when you’re on your bike.

  • Bicycle check

    Before taking to the saddle I always perform a check of my bicycle. Tyre pressure, brakes, gearshift, a little lubricant and off I go. Before getting started I stop for a last-minute water bottle fill; never take off without water.

  • Coffee break

    I drink a lot during the ride and perhaps after having taken on a challenging climb I stop for a short break. I enjoy the peaceful medieval hamlets on the Romagna hills and I quench my thirst at a fountain and then I grab a good cup of coffee at the local bar. I have something to eat; I need to keep my energy up on the continuous ups and downs I’ll have to ride before getting to the last flat stretch.

  • Back to the hotel

    When I get back to the hotel, there’s nothing better than a relaxing swim in the pool after the morning’s efforts. As an alternative I can dive into the sea, careful not to exaggerate because swimming in the sea is more tiring and could add to my fatigue.

  • Buffet lunch

    It’s time for lunch. Starting at 3:00 p.m. the hotel puts out a buffet made especially for sports enthusiasts. First courses, sides, fresh vegetables, light second courses and then seasonal fruit and unforgettable desserts.

  • Historical center visit

    After a bit of relaxation I head towards the centre of Cesenatico to visit the historic downtown, the porto canale port, the Maritime Museum and the Museum dedicated to Marco Pantani. To get to the centre I can use the city bikes furnished by GiroHotels® or as an alternative there is public transportation service with lines that go to the city centre from the neighbourhoods of Villamarina/Valverde and Ponente. In the centre I enjoy an extraordinary cocktail along the Leonardo-esque porto canale.

  • Back to the Hotel

    It’s been an intense day. Through the hotel reception, I’ve booked a relaxing, pre-dinner massage with a professional physiotherapist to relax my muscles before my next long ride.

  • Dinner in the hotel

    Starting at 7:30 I dine in the hotel’s air-conditioned dining room. In the evening I enjoy the tastes of the finest Romagna cuisine; the menu is always full of surprises and there is always a buffet of vegetables and side dishes.

  • Routes Briefing

    Before going out for a stroll there is a short briefing to establish the details of the next day’s ride. There are plenty of options, in addition to the routes that GiroHotels® has made available to me on the web. I ask the GiroHotels® guides for advice or talk to the hoteliers themselves, who are always well informed on the routes and new, interesting initiatives.